Waste disposal
reduction system

The idea

Mountains of garbage are produced every day in your business that needs to be disposed of hygienically safe? This is an expensive and time-consuming task that has to be checked again and again under the aspects of hygiene standards as well as the cost optimization.
We at Vacura have made it our topic to dispose soft waste for all companies in the Health Care Industry - hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient clinics. The system of Vacuuming using the VACURAPRO in secure plastic bags provides maximum hygiene with an effective reduction of your disposal costs.
However, the VACURAPRO system also brings other facilities numerous advantages. Where waste is produced in large quantities without sharp-edged components it can be odorless and hygienically packed and reduced by over 50% in volume using the VACURAPRO. We will advise you how the system of Vacuuming can also lower your costs!