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OdoCare and VACURAPRO - the system solution for your waste

OdoCare and VACURAPRO offer healthcare facilities a clean solution for the disposal of incontinence waste - odor-free , hygienic, cost-effective and simple. With the help of the OdoCare, the garbage is collected odor-proof directly in the patients’ room right in the room before it is placed in the VACURAPRO.  With the push of a single button, the waste is hermetically sealed and disinfected from the outside.

The special airtight vacuum bags have been developed for this solution to fit into both containers.

From the patented waste container OdoCare no odors escape thanks to the special sealing rings . The compact , portable container is available with 45 or 75 liters.

Thanks to its extremely wide opening the OdoCare is suitable for all types and sizes of incontinence waste.

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