Waste disposal
reduction system


Plastic bag

With the VACURAPRO the waste material (including infectious waste) is disposed of properly and environmentally friendly. A spread of unpleasant odors and potential infectious agents is avoided. Our packaging in odorless, tear-resistant plastic bags also prevents the attraction of pests and vermin.
To ensure this result, VACURAPRO – vacuum bags must be used ! Manufactured from special plastic, these bags fit into the intended suspension, remain vacuum sealed and are pretreated hygienically. Only with the use of original VACURAPRO bags, the company Vacura ensures the desired result!
You can get this plastic bag from your local dealer.
The VACURAPRO is equipped with the disinfectant Rheosept , which disinfects the plastic bag from the outside. This disinfectant spray is consumed only in very small quantities , but must be replenished after some time. For security reasons, only this disinfectant is approved for the VACURAPRO, its composition guarantees that seals are not damaged .
You get the disinfectant spray at your local dealer.