Waste disposal
reduction system


What type of waste is vacuumed and disposed of using the VACURAPRO?

  • The waste must be "soft", it may not destroy plastic bag during the vacuum process
  • Everything that has an unpleasant odor for the environment as well as the employees
  • Any waste that can be significantly reduced in volume by the vacuum process

The method is suitable for the following types of companies

  • System catering
  • Catering company


Your advantages:Improvement of indoor air and hygiene

  • Non-time-critical disposal of the waste because it is hermetically sealed
  • Disinfection of the plastic bag from the outside
  • Any odors from the waste are avoided , and the exhaust air is purified by a multi-stage filtration system

Your profit:
Significant reduction of disposal costs

  • Cost savings by reducing the volume of waste by up to 50 percent - depending on the nature of the waste !
  • Less space required for waste and waste containers!
  • No more problems with baited pests!