Waste disposal
reduction system

Nursing home

What is disposed of with the VACURAPRO?

  • Incontinence waste directly on the wards
  • Bandages and other soft waste

Your advantage:
Improvement of indoor air and hygiene

  • Hermetic sealing of the infectious waste
  • Disinfection of the plastic bag from the outside to prevent cross-contamination
  • Bacteria and viruses in the exhaust air are filtered out reliably by HEPA filters
  • Any odors from incontinence waste is avoided , because the exhaust air is cleaned by a three stage filter system

Your profit:
Significant reduction of disposal costs

  • Cost savings by reducing the volume of waste by over 50 percent!
  • Less space required for waste and waste containers!
  • No more problems with baited pests!

Minimal waste charges at maximum hygiene -
the cost of VACURAPRO pay for themselves in no time!
We will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation , how you can reduce the fees for the disposal of waste to your facility clearly . Get in touch with us!